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FUDCon KL 2012 Day 1 Featured

Published in Operating Systems
Friday, 25 May 2012 18:32

17th May was a busy day including more than 3 hours of flying, Travelling by bus from LCCT to KL Sentral, Walking around in KL Sentral for few hours, Trying new foods, Riding on LRT train. Wheew! It was quite a day.
















After doing all those stuff, finally we arrived to our destination, Hotel Sri Petaling. There we (Myself,Danishka,Buddhika,Kalpa) met KageSenshi,Kushal and Christop @ the lobby. Oh I almost forgotten!, we met Joshua Wulf from Red Hat Australia while we're checking in. After getting our goodie bags through Danishka, we fall in to a short sleep. On 18th morning, we woke up around 7 am and went to the lobby for the breakfast after getting ready. Yeah, t-shirts were looked really good. Credits goes to design team for designing the logos. :)
















While we are getting our breakfast, we met Ankur, Adithya, Praveen. At about 8.00 am we got in to the bus which came to take us from the hotel to UCTI (APIIT). It was a fresh morning with lots of fresh thoughts and even the UCTI building looked fresh with the nice looking FUDCon 2012 banner in front of it.



After the event registration, we went to the auditorium 3 for the opening keynote from Christoph Wickert. The topic for Christop's talk was ”Leadership in Leaderless Organization”. Also there were some interesting questions from the audience regarding some clarification about the word "leadership" within fedora project.

Next came the bar-camp voting!. Many of us were in a hurry to pitch our topics and see how our audience voting for our talks. So finally these are the talks that got selected for day one and all of them were limited to 30min.

My talk was about Migration from Windows to Fedora and using more than 2 operating systems with grub. It was quite interesting to demonstrate a real situation with with single os(Windows) -> two os (Fedora and Windows)(fedora grub in MBR) -> three os (Fedora, CentOS and Windows)(fedora grub in MBR) in three steps using 3 VMs. I'm really happy that the inception concept saved me lot of time on this. Otherwise i won't be doing this with in 30 mins. So that was the end of that day and we went to the hotel by bus that provided to us. Later at the evening we went to a place called Mama's to find some food that we can eat without any problem XD. Bucuase we found very hard to cope up with taste of their typical Nasi Goreng. Fortunately we found a good place which cooks in Indian style. Thank god. There we met Ankur and Praveen. That was the exiting first day :)  

Last modified on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 21:38
Uditha Bandara Wijerathna

Uditha Bandara Wijerathna

University Student who follows a Computer Science and Engineering degree. A Linux addict, Fedora Ambassador, RHEL Consultant, Loves classical music...

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